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    Interviewing 101: Questions to Ask the Employer

    An interview isn’t just a chance for the employer to get to know you—it’s also a chance for you to get to know the company at which you’re applying. Just as the hiring manager is trying to figure out whether you’d be a good fit for the company, you in turn should make sure that the job, company culture and work environment is a good fit for you!

    Coming to the interview with some questions prepared in advance demonstrates to the employer that you’re interested in more than a paycheck—you’re interested in becoming a contributing, integrated member of the team and organization.

    Basic Questions to Ask the Interviewer

    Use the following list of questions as a starting point when thinking about what to ask the hiring manager:

    • Why is this job open?
    • What are the organization’s most important goals this year?
    • Can you describe a typical day for the person in this job?
    • What types of training are provided?
    • Please describe the advancement opportunities in the company.
    • What is your management style (or that of my prospective supervisor)?
    • What changes do you see in the company’s future
    • When do you expect to make hiring decision?
    • When can I start?

    Preparing Your Own Questions for the Interview

    Now complete the following exercise, keeping in mind the specific company or agency at which you want to interview.

    • What job are you applying for?
    • What kind of company or agency is it?
    • What questions will you ask in the interview:
      • About the work itself?
      • About the work environment?
      • To show interest in the organization beyond the specific job?
      • To show you are ambitious and want a future career path?
      • About what is important in the organization?
      • About how your work will be evaluated?

    Develop at least five questions you could ask in the interview and add them to the list you started above.

    Jonathan Miller
    is GII’s GoodProspects for Credentials to Careers Digital Communications Specialist.
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