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    Career and Financial Advice for July 2016

    The Goodwill blog’s career and financial advice posts have all moved to GoodProspects®, but you can still get great advice on your job search, learn about career fields and connect with virtual career mentors. Here are some recent articles published this month—read each piece, share your thoughts, and join GoodProspects to take advantage of everything at Goodwill’s online career navigation portal!

    Considerations for Switching Jobs in the Same Company
    Growing your career doesn’t always mean having to change companies every time you’re ready to advance—internal opportunities and promotions can be a great way to take the next step. If that’s your situation and there are opportunities for you to consider as part of your career development, here are just some of the things to think about.

    The Difference between Developing Hard Skills and Soft Skills
    Hard skills and soft skills are both vital to your career success, but training for each type is completely different. Here are ways to think about soft skills as something to develop, and how you can develop them. Learn more …

    Résumé Advice for Formerly Incarcerated People
    It is not uncommon for people to have gaps in employment at some point during their life, and gaps can be something that an employer looks down on, especially if the gaps exist because of incarceration. Much of the same advice for writing an effective résumé applies, though, for people who have been incarcerated. Here are some tips.

    Can You Spot Common Cover Letter Mistakes?
    Joe has been unemployed for a month when he comes across an article in his newspaper’s classifieds section advertising a job for which he thinks he’d be a great fit –- an armed security guard. He assembles his résumé, and writes a (flawed) cover letter to accompany it. What mistakes has Joe made on his cover letter, and how could those mistakes be corrected? Read more …

    Jonathan Miller
    is GII’s GoodProspects for Credentials to Careers Digital Communications Specialist.
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