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    When you work with Goodwill® to increase your business, you form a bond with a respected brand that has existed for 116 years.

    Business Opportunities

    Goodwill was rated the number one brand for 2016 and 2017 in the Brand World Value Index from the creative agency Enso. It has been on Forbes’ list of top most inspiring companies for three consecutive years — the only nonprofit featured on that list — and is proud to be recognized by GuideStar with its Platinum Seal of Approval, the organization’s highest rating for charities.

    Become a Goodwill Sponsor

    When you become a sponsor, you secure exclusive, cost-effective access to Goodwill decision makers in order to build relationships and market your organization. We can help you:

    • Personally introduce your organization to Goodwill staff.
    • Build upon existing relationships in our network and grow new ones.
    • Increase exposure to local Goodwill organizations and maximize your profits.

    Sponsorship Levels

    Annual Sponsorship
    Annual sponsorships offer year-long benefits and provide the highest level of exposure for organizations seeking to work with Goodwill and its 161 community-based members.  Annual sponsors have the special privilege of participating in Goodwill C-level events, providing brief keynote remarks, securing branding at executive training events and enjoying pre-scheduled meetings at all conferences. Annual sponsorship packages vary depending on sponsorship level.

    • Platinum Sponsorship:$50,000
    • Gold Sponsorship:$30,000
    • Silver Sponsorship:$20,000
    • Bronze Sponsorship:$10,000

    Event Sponsorship
    Event sponsorships are designed for organizations interested in exposure to specific audiences at Goodwill conferences. Event sponsors have the privilege of participating at any selected Goodwill event and may also expand their reach beyond the conference through virtual channels.

    • Event Keynote Sponsorship:$10,000
    • Event Award Sponsorship: $10,000
    • Event Learning Conversation Sponsorship : $15,000
    • Event Pre-conference sponsorship : $10,000

    À La Carte Sponsorship
    À la carte sponsorships offer flexibility to organizations interested in cost-effective advertising to conference attendees. Organizations may choose multiple advertising opportunities across events and opportunities vary from conference to conference.


    Sponsorship Reservation Deadlines

    • Annual Meeting of the Conference of Executives* (AMCOE): January 15, 2019
    • Spring Conference and Member Marketplace LIVE (SPRING): April 15, 2019
    • Delegate Assembly* (DA): May 15, 2019
    • Summer Conference and Member Marketplace LIVE (SUMMER): June 15, 2019

    *Conferences attended by Goodwill’s C-level staff.

    2019 Sponsorship Prospectus Registration Link

    Become a Goodwill Exhibitor

    Exhibit at Goodwill Member Marketplace LIVE (MML) events and gain the opportunity to meet stakeholders directly involved in service adoption and purchasing decisions from our 160 Goodwill organizations and corresponding 3,200+ retail stores across the United States and Canada.

    2019 Spring Conference and Member Marketplace LIVE – Exhibitor Registration Open March 4th 2019

    • Exhibit Dates: April 28 & 29
    • Exhibit Location: Fort Worth, TX
    • Exhibit Format: Table Top
    • Exhibit Fees: Starts at $3,000

    Attendees: Goodwill mission services, human resources and resource development

    2019 Spring Exhibit Registration

    2019 Summer Conference and Member Marketplace LIVE – Exhibitor Registration Open March 4th 2019

    • Exhibit Dates: Monday, August 12 and Tuesday, August 13
    • Exhibit Location: Spokane, WA
    • Exhibit Format: Booth
    • Exhibit Fees: Starting at $3,000 

    Attendees: Retail, marketing, information technology, finance, loss prevention, safety, business services and resource development

    2019 Summer Exhibit Registration

    Become a Goodwill Vendor

    Showcase your organization’s goods and services virtually to Goodwill professionals through Goodwill’s Member Marketplace ONLINE (MMO), a vendor directory that Goodwill organizations turn to when searching for corporate and employee discounts.

    Member Marketplace ONLINE subscription options include:

    • Three-month subscription: $500
    • Six-month subscription: $800
    • Twelve-month subscription: $1,200

    Other Member Marketplace ONLINE subscription-complementing options include:

    • Member Marketplace ONLINE On-Demand Webinars: $1,500
    • Member Marketplace ONLINE 12-Month Subscription: $1,200
    • Member Marketplace Banners:$1,000
    • Member Marketplace Article White Papers: $1,000
    2019 Member Marketplace Online MMO Prospectus

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