Goodwill Industries International has a plan to collaborate with like-minded partners to ensure everyone has the skills and supports needed to earn a good job, advance in a sustainable career and provide for their family.

The COVID-19 pandemic left millions of families with a loss of employment income unlike anything since the Great Depression. Mass layoffs and business closures resulted in high rates of permanent job loss. Businesses dramatically accelerated digitization, automating lower-wage occupations while also creating new job opportunities that many job seekers are not equipped to access without further training.

This dramatic reshaping of the labor market is having an outsized impact on people who can least afford to bear the burden. Individuals in low wage jobs, those with a high school education or less, women, and individuals who identify as Black or Latinx have disproportionately high levels of income loss due to reduced hours, lowered wages, furloughs and layoffs.

Neighborhoods and families struggle when workers do not earn wages to help them thrive. Our country’s most critical strategic asset, a skilled workforce, is unable to fuel our economy and create equitable opportunity for all people.

Millions of individuals and families are at risk of being left behind forever unless we act now.


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In 2020, Goodwill Industries International joined our 150+ member organizations across the United States and Canada to develop a plan engaging like-minded partners to ensure every individual can acquire the skills and supports needed to earn a good job and advance into a sustainable career. This systemic solution will be widely accessible, provide relevant skills for in-demand jobs and ensure people receive the support they need to succeed along the way.

Goodwill’s collective footprint and expertise dramatically increase our potential to partner for impact at scale. Goodwills operate in all 50 states, and 82 percent of the U.S. population resides within ten miles of a Goodwill. In 2020, one out of every 600 people who go to work in the United States did so with the help of Goodwill.

With our bold new vision, a committed network and like-minded partners, we are poised to accelerate and expand impact like never before. By building capacity across the network and enhancing our support of local operations, we aim to:

  • Expand access to wrap-around support services by building capacity across the Goodwill network
  • Improve job quality outcomes by equipping career advancers with locally-relevant skills
  • Increase the numbers of people connected with good jobs through expanded employer relationships and retention support
  • Divert more goods from landfills through growth in retail
  • Increase funding for our mission and opportunities for internal development through a more profitable retail operation

Discover how Goodwill’s partners are making sure everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

Learn more about Goodwill as Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed, catches up with Steve Preston, CEO of Goodwill Industries International, about Goodwill’s pandemic experience and Vision for Transformation.

1. Goodwill social enterprises hire people looking to build better lives and provide earn-and-learn opportunities that allow job seekers to earn paychecks while they build essential work skills. Local Goodwills collectively employ 141,000 people.
2. Goodwill career centers prepare job seekers for in-demand careers. People come to Goodwill to learn new skills, earn credentials, create résumés, and prepare for interviews. Last year, Goodwill helped 1.09 million people build competencies, earn jobs and advance in their careers. More than 20.8 million people accessed Goodwill virtual career navigation, training opportunities and online hiring events.
3. Goodwill retail operations generate revenue that supports our mission work. People can have a positive impact on their communities and the environment simply through their donations. Goodwill stores generate $5 billion in annual revenue while diverting nearly 5 billion pounds of goods from landfills and into reuse. Retail revenue augments grants and other philanthropy to fund Goodwill career centers and services.