Women are now the sole or co-breadwinner in 3 out of 5 American families, yet many find it increasingly difficult to earn enough wages to take care of their families. In order to succeed as a community and as a nation, we must find ways to ensure that women are able to support their families.

We believe that everyone should have the ability to build financial stability through the power of work. The success of our families and the health of our communities are dependent on each and every one of us having the opportunity to work.


Funded by a $7.7 million grant from the Walmart Foundation, Beyond Jobs helps women like Brenda find and keep good-paying jobs. This is accomplished through individualized career and financial planning services. Among the tools provided are:

  • Ongoing financial education
  • Family strengthening services
  • Early education and child care assistance
  • Connections to healthy food and nutrition initiatives


Brenda Nealy entered the Beyond Jobs program at Goodwill Industries® of Greater Detroit (MI) in November 2010. Brenda had a troubled past, and needed new job skills. Working with a Beyond Jobs team member, Brenda developed a career plan that identified immediate changes she could make in her life that would help secure a more successful future.

Beyond Jobs also helped Brenda find a full-time job at Green Works Recycling, a subsidiary of the Detroit Goodwill. Today, Brenda continues to receive skills training and family support that aid her as she advances her career and supports her family.

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  1. Hi Kenyannia,
    Goodwill will operate the Beyond Jobs program in the five cities listed above through 2012. If you live in one of these areas, please get in touch with the contacts listed above to learn more about the program.
    Even if you live in a city where we do not currently operate a Beyond Jobs program, many Goodwills offer other programs and services to assist single mothers. Use our locator at http://locator.goodwill.org to find the name and contact information for the headquarters nearest you.

    1. I’m unemployed sometime i worked on call.I have attended classes at good will applied for position but as of now nothing has happen.Please help i need help.

  2. Hey people,
    I am a single mom seeking employment and seems like i am just not having any luck i’ve done everything possible to my knowledge if you have any suggestions please let me know.

  3. Hey, I’m in need of empolyment! I have a 14 month old daughter and no transportation makes things alot harder.
    I’m basically willing to take whatever job comes so my daughter will have a great christmas and I will be able to supply diapers and exc!
    Lindsey S Hopkins

  4. Hello, I am a single mom seeking employment to the best of my ability, im experienced in retail,clerical,and medical i have filled out application with your company no answer.
    Also willing to volunteet first to show you my skills and ability and experience. Please feel free to call me at ***-***-****

  5. hi,
    im a single mom of a two year old with one on the way and ive tried every where to get a job i really need the money for rent and my kids if yall can help that would be so amazing wat should i do

  6. Hi I am a single mom of 5 and I having been looking for work for a while now, I do hair on the side but it’s not enough money to pay bills. Right now we live with my 66 year old mom who is ready to retire so I am trying to find a job so I can help her and so that i can provide more for my kids. Can you help?

  7. Hi, I’m a single mom and my son and i are both americans but we recently moved back to new york permantly last december after witnessing my son’s dad being killed.Since January of this year I have been looking for a job but i have been turned down lots of times because i can’t work on evenings or weekends.Please help me,please!

  8. hello im a single mother with a disable son i was looking for assistance as well as work i live in nyack ny and was wondering where is the nearest goodwill program

  9. Hi there, I am single mom of 2 boys 10 and 9 months, we have been hit with some hard times, lost my apartment and job, had to move in with mom and dad.. its becoming very emotional abusive there and i want out..I am having a hard time with looking for work, i have gone and applied at places and nothing.. dont have much experiance in retail or just what they expect.. we did not do xmas this year cause i had no money.. was looking at the goodwill website and saw the beyond jobs for single mothers.. will that help me..

  10. Hello, I’m a single parent with a 3 year old daughter, I have hit hard times. I had to move back in with my mother and sister, which I do have a job but not enough hours a week. My highest hours was 12 hours in one week. I would like to have a job that I’m happy with and that gives back to the community. I know there are some Goodwill Retail stores opening in my surround areas. Would beyond jobs help me look for them. I know on that is opening in March or April I believe in Ontario, CA…. can you help me …..PLEASE……

  11. I am a single mother. the father left me at 5 weeks pregnant never came back for his son. I took care of him and his daughter when he lost his job. Then when i found out i was pregnant he found a job the next day then left me 3 days later. Now he wont support his son or me at this point i still struggling. i need help.

  12. I have a 3 yr old, and am 7 months pregnant. i have applied for positions with goodwill and have yet to hear back from any of the goodwill i have applied for. i am just trying to keep a roof over the head of the child i already have and be able to bring my other child to a home. so my question is i guess is will anyone hire a 7 month pregnant woman? or am i just chasing a ghost right now? i cant afford to volunteer, i have rent to be paid, and bills i have to pay and fairly soon. please help!

  13. Hi,my name is Elizabeth Melendez and i am seeking for a job i am a single mother with three children a 8 year old,7 year old and a 5 year old,i would like your help.Thank you..

  14. Hi
    I am wondering is there any job opportunity here suitable for my mother, she is not quite confident and positive any more and felt no focus in life.
    I kinda of feel she is desperate about life sometime, so I am seeking for help here. Hope someone “walk by” here can lend a hand.
    She has retired from a State Owned Enterprise in China (We are Chinese) at 45, in the industry of coal and oven gas liquidation, for about one year. And at the beginning, we just think to get used of this retiring life, as time went by, she felt tired and bored with the house chores and especially no people to communicate (I have to work at the workdays).
    So I want to ask for help here.

  15. I am very interested in finding a position that suits me being that I am a ‘people’s person’ that can get along with everybody….I love my family which includes 5 persons and all of them are girls. I do however plan on furthering my education in business which I could bring more ideas to your company. I am looking forward to hearing from you and hpoing that i get a positive response. Sincerely Marsha A. Marshall

  16. Hi,
    My name is Michelle I reside in Riverdale, GA I recently relocted from Ausstell, GA (Cobb County) and I recently have a job, but my boss has me off now going on 2 weeks and Im not in position to be underemployed or not working for long periods of time. I also have two children a 3 year old boy and 15 month old daughter I need an immediate response please and thank you. God bless, Michelle C

  17. Hey, I’m recently 21, single mom of a 2yr old and 7months pregnant with my second. I don’t live in one of the areas listed above and I’m afraid my Goodwill doesn’t have the assistance you’re talking about. I’m running out of options here… Any -other- advice?

  18. Hi, I’m a 28 year old mother of 3. I have been unemployed for quite some time so i have very limited work experience but i have been looking for jobs but there very hard to find if you have no prior experience. I’m running ot of options and time. Can you please help….

  19. Hi! I’m wondering is Walmart partnered up with you just for single mothers? I’m a divorced adult with no recent work experience and am looking for a part time night job at walmart. Can you please advise? Thanks.

  20. Hi, I am a currently married mother of 2 but im afraid my marriage will be ending sooner than later. I have no education further from highshool and I am currently a stay at home mom. I was wondering what some options would be to bbe able to support my children financially without having to sacrifice all my time with them from working several part time jobs. thanks

  21. Hi my name is Rebekka. I just found Goodwill and just beginning to learn a little. But I have an 8 year old son and I am a single mother and I am trying to get out of a abusive realtionship and start over again. I am on disability and need more of an income to be on my own. Can Goodwill be able to help me find a job right away, while I learn a career? I am willing to do anything. I have some experience in sales and reception.

  22. hi just fond out about u guys i am a single mother am 26 and my son just turn 5 and i’ve been looking for a job in forever still living with my babys dad but his not a bad man of a bad dad but just need to get out. just want to know if you will be abel to hlpe me get a job ASAP.. thank you!

  23. Hello, I’m a single mother and also trying to get out of an abusive situation. I’ve noticed on my local employment commissions website that my local Goodwill has been taking applications for while. Ive applied like 6 or 7 times over the past year and Ive called and called but the manager refuses to even give me an interview. I thought they were supposed to help single parents? What should I do? I desperatly need a job!!

  24. Hi, I am 23 and I am a single mother and my daughter is 2. I just recently had to move back in with my parents, and I was wondering if Goodwill could help me find a job ASAP. Thanks

  25. Hello, I’ve been unemployed for four years and was on welfare and now i’m receiving general relief(government assistance”s. I had been taking care of an elderly woman for almost for years and she past away in 08. I’m 58 years of age and have been looking for work, with no progress. Because of my age and lack of skills, can I be helped? I really need help, my son is going to a junior college and he will need more help. Thank You and will be looking for your reply.

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