Five Ideas for Turning Thrifted Items into Halloween Candy Bags

Halloween Candy Bag ideas

I’ve never been a fan of one-time-use items. In my house, everything – even decor – has to be multifunctional. As Halloween approaches, I’m thinking about how to make this holiday a little less disposable. I have fun pulling together costumes and decorations every year, but hate to think of how many pieces are purchased brand-new from Halloween or costume stores only to be worn once and then thrown away.

Buying from and donating to Goodwill® will definitely help holiday purchases have a longer lifespan since this organization helps communities extend the life of usable items in environmentally sound ways and prevents them from piling up in local landfills. So how about looking for elements of your family’s costumes at Goodwill that are already being reused and can be serve other purposes in your home even after the trick-or-treating is over?

The candy-carrier has bugged me for a long time. I love how cute those plastic pumpkins look, but to think that they’re only used once a year then stashed in a closet taking up space for the other 364 days (or ditched entirely!) really bums me out. Here are some ideas for things that can be found at Goodwill and used to tote around candy while trick-or-treating (or instead of a purse for grown-up costume parties) and then still have a place after that in the home!

Pillowcase candy carrier

When I was a kid this was the cool thing to do. I don’t know if it was just in the backwoods of New Hampshire that carrying a pillowcase around was considered cool, but it’s an idea none-the-less to be considered. It’s ready to go, everyone has some, and it has an obvious use throughout the rest of the year.


Basket candy carrier

Dressing up as Little Red Riding Hood, Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, the Easter Bunny, or a picnic-goer? All of these costumes would look smashing with a basket accessory. Chances are you have one already in your home, but if not, Goodwill has plenty!

How cute would a little boy look dressed up as a fisherman? Pretty cute, I’d say! There’s got to be one of these babies hanging out in your garage and with a quick clean it’ll be candy ready.


Watering can candy carrier

A future gardener costume, perhaps? A nosy neighbor? The watering can, if you don’t already have one, will be easy to track down and is a definite staple in every home.


Helmet candy carrier

A bicyclist, Harley-Davidson dude, or a horseback rider costume will definitely need a helmet! Why not use it as a candy-catching device? It’s the right shape, it pertains to the costume, and the strap makes a perfect handle.

Get creative with your costuming this Halloween, and don’t let your creativity stop when the clothes and makeup are finished. Try to imagine something you could use to carry your stuff that will go with the look you want, while also having a purpose on November 1st. And when in doubt, scope out your local Goodwill for a little inspiration!

Happy haunting!

xx, Julia