Set a Spooky Candy Table This Halloween

Set a Spooky Candy Table This Halloween

I love to shop at Goodwill®. I never know what I’m going to find, I get to reuse something that might have otherwise been thrown away and the prices can’t be beat. Recently, I went on a little shopping spree in order to create the perfect Halloween candy table. I can’t believe the treasures I found: vintage lamps, a red and black tablecloth, candle sticks, glass cylinders and jar, a gothic mirror and frames. I even found a jack-o-lantern candy bucket, a plastic skull and four decorative crows!

Table showcasing Goodwill Halloween finds

Once I did the shopping, I put this table together in an afternoon, so it doesn’t take a lot of time (or money) to have a Happy Halloween.

Framed lenticular photos for Halloween

I found these inexpensive lenticular photos with friendly looking people at one angle, and creepy looking monsters at another. They came in plastic frames that I didn’t care for, so I cut those off. I used the frames I found at Goodwill to give them a more formal look. I thought they might look like family photos at one glance, and give people a fright at another.

How to Make a Halloween Lamp

My vintage lamp needed a little touch of Halloween, so I decided to decoupage the lampshade with napkins. Tack the napkin on with a little glue on the shade, and then paint over with more glue. Hot glue a ribbon to finish off the edges. I like the subtlety of the design on the napkin: it’s Halloween themed, but not so much that I couldn’t display my lamp year-round. Of course, I could always use a different shade, and bring this one out for the holiday.

How to Make Spooky Candles

For my next project, roll some plain, white paper into the glass cylinders and trim off the excess. Then, draw spooky creatures like ghosts using a permanent marker (put a piece of newspaper under the paper, so the marker doesn’t bleed through onto the table). Use a battery operated candle inside to light up the drawings.

Jar of Fake Eyeballs

Fill a Mason jar (or any glass container) with fake eyeballs. These eyeballs happen to be bouncy balls, so I can hand them out with the candy.

Preparing a Hallowen candy bucket

My favorite project is not for the timid. Use a plastic container such as this jack-o-lantern, or a plastic cauldron, and an old glove. Using a utility knife, cut a hole large enough for a hand to fit through the bottom of the container.

Use a hand or stuffed glove in your Halloween bucket

When you’re handing out candy to trick-or-treaters, have your hand buried in candy in the jack-o-lantern. Reach out and scare the unsuspecting visitors while they’re reaching for their favorite treats. If you want to take a more passive approach, stuff the glove using bamboo skewers to get the stuffing into the fingers, and have the glove sticking out from the candy in the bucket.

Set a Spooky Halloween  Table

Use the other Goodwill finds to fill-out the table for the perfect trick-or-treat experience—and don’t forget the candy!

Check out Goodwill for great costumes in addition to Halloween decorating ideas. You can feel good about shopping at Goodwill because its employment programs promote independence and dignity for people who need support to provide for themselves and their families.