Thrifty Addams Family DIY Ideas (Part 1 of 3)

Spend the spooky season with Goodwill & the First Family of Halloween! Check out our unique Addams Family-inspired DIY ideas and get ready to meet the Addams in theaters on October 11. Décor is a great place to start when getting ready for Halloween, here is a bit of inspiration to get things rolling!


Grow your Halloween decor with this fun DIY! Create a little garden that Morticia would be proud of with some thrifted planters, hot glue and some floral craft supplies.


With some thrifted glassware you can create paranormal platters perfect for any seasonal party or a small spooky gathering – they can also look great on a wall! (we also have some handy PDF downloads to help you get started)


What creepy table would be complete without some distressed accessories? Use a bit of tie-dye magic and some thrift finds to create a unique look for a runner and some napkins to give your Halloween table a truly haunted feel.


With a few simple Goodwill finds, you can use craft magic to add a bit of creature comfort to your Halloween ambiance this year with a monstrous wall or door hanging!

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