As a young adult, you have tremendous potential, energy, and aspirations. Youth who are engaged with positive role models and are equipped to navigate careers are more likely to see school as relevant, complete high school and post-secondary credentials, and transition to employment that launches careers.

We’ll help with:

  • Career planning focused on your interests and skills.
  • Guidance from experts and peers.
  • Service learning opportunities that allow you to contribute to your community and career goals.
  • Support to help you complete high school and enroll in college or other training.
  • Assistance with financial education through workshops and training on money management.

Need support to explore career opportunities and benefit from a positive role model? Many Goodwills offer youth mentoring programs to connect you with peer and adult role models who can help you leverage your strengths and make choices that support your goals.

If you’re 12-17 years old, you can take advantage of Goodwill GoodGuides®, a national mentoring program for young adults to learn about careers and prepare for the future. We’ll match you with a mentor who will support you in making positive decisions, offer encouragement and guidance, and find ways to help you achieve your dreams.

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