Goodwill® Believes in the Power of Work for All Individuals

Goodwill® believes in the power of work for all individuals. Since 1902, Goodwill has trained millions of people for jobs and is the leading nonprofit provider of job training, employment placement programs and community-based services for people who face challenges to finding employment. Goodwill funds its mission by selling donated clothing, household goods and other items in more than 2,700 stores and online at
The Special Minimum Wage Certificate under section 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) was enacted to allow employers to pay a commensurate wage that could result in less than minimum wage to employees whose disability significantly impairs their ability to do their job. In the United States, it is estimated that more than 420,000 people with significant disabilities are paid with the Special Minimum Wage Certificate under 14(c) of the Fair Labor Standards Act. (2001 GAO report)
Goodwill’s network of 165 local, autonomous, community-based organizations in the United States and Canada employ a total of 105,000 team members, 30,000 of whom have a disability.   Our data shows that 69 US Goodwill organizations report employing people with significant disabilities under the Special Minimum Wage Certificate. These 69 Goodwills employ approximately 7,300 employees with significant disabilities under the Special Minimum Wage Certificate, with the average hourly wage of $7.47.
Goodwill supports changes in the FLSA so long as the right of people with disabilities to maintain employment of their choice is preserved. Across the U.S., 79% of people with disabilities are not working today.  The Special Minimum Wage Certificate is an important resource to employ individuals with significant disabilities.  The Certificate enables Goodwill and thousands of other employers to provide opportunities for people with severe disabilities who otherwise might not be part of the workforce.
Goodwill values and respects all individuals and puts people first. In many instances, Goodwill career counselors provide valuable support services, such as customized career plans, to assist these employees in working to their fullest potential in their jobs. Goodwill supports upward mobility and seeks opportunities for these workers to increase their productivity, increase their wages and be promoted with the goal of moving into competitive integrated employment.