Goodwill® Extends Its Reach to Benefit Economic Development in Latin America

Rockville, MD — At the Clinton Global Initiative’s Annual Meeting, Goodwill Industries International made a commitment to expand its sustainable business model in Latin America and the Caribbean, with a specific focus on Brazil and Mexico. Goodwill® will collect and sell gently used items in six areas throughout these countries to fund job training programs and career services for people facing challenges to finding employment.
Brazil and Mexico have growing economies as well as a growing middle class, and the demand for skilled workers is increasing. The job training that Goodwill currently provides throughout the United States and Canada and abroad will help people in these areas learn the skills needed to be successful in the workplace.
“Goodwill’s employment services will generate thousands of jobs and foster economic development by increasing the number of qualified people able to work in their communities,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “The Goodwill social enterprise and programming will help individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages enhance their skills so that they can join the workforce, earn paychecks, and better care for their families and communities.”
To fulfill its commitment, Goodwill will work with on-the-ground partners and in-country funders to build a network of stores and Job Connection Centers in Brazil and Mexico that will offer retail training opportunities. In addition, each Job Connection Center will provide career training and employment services. Each center will also customize its services based on the needs of the people in its local community, including such services as English as a second language courses, computer skills training and financial literacy.
“This Commitment to Action will aim to provide employment opportunities to more than 5,000 people with disabilities, youth at risk for delinquency, women and others having trouble finding work during the pilot stage alone,” said Gibbons. “Within the next several years, our goal is to help more than 10,000 people become economically self-sufficient.”
Goodwill will work with local non-governmental organizations and engage the private sector through job placement and corporate social responsibility activities.
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