Goodwill Industries International Praised for Environmental Excellence

Goodwill Wins SmartCEO Magazine’s EcoCEO Award for the Washington/Baltimore region

ROCKVILLE, MD— Goodwill Industries International won an EcoCEO Award in the implementer category for medium sized businesses and nonprofits. The EcoCEO Awards, given by SmartCEO Magazine, recognize Washington DC area businesses and nonprofits that are implementing environmentally responsible products, services and technologies into their operations. Goodwill® was honored for integrating innovative solutions to be more eco-friendly.
“At Goodwill, we encourage our employees to be environmentally responsible,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “In fact, this year, Goodwill launched the Donate Movement to promote the positive impact donations have on people and the planet. This grassroots initiative has diverted 1.4 billion pounds from landfills this year alone.”
Goodwill’s mission is to provide job training programs, career and community based services to people with disabilities, those who lack education or job experience and others facing challenges to finding employment. The other finalists in the EcoCEO implementer category for medium sized businesses and nonprofits were Natek Incorporated, Community Preservation and Development Corporation (CPDC), Nixon Peabody LLP, and Vytex Windows.
Located in Rockville, MD, Goodwill Industries International implements eco-friendly practices across six target areas: water conservation, energy efficiency, procurement, waste management and recycling, pollution prevention and training. The following tactics include:

  • Offsets 100 percent of its energy use with renewable energy certificates (RECs)
  • Utilizes energy efficient overhead lighting and occupancy sensors
  • Uses Energy Star-labeled products and eco-friendly appliances
  • Reduces energy consumption during off-hours
  • Encourages recycling and conservation
  • Purchases eco-friendly products

In addition, Goodwill has a green team and a staff leader, who promote sustainable behaviors among staff members under the guidance of Eco-Coach, an environmental sustainability advisory firm to help achieve green goals. The sustainability policy has the full support of Goodwill’s president and executive management team.
“EcoCEO recognizes exemplary leaders across the Washington D.C. area for their efforts in building a more sustainable business community,” said Georgia Patton, Senior Projects Editor of SmartCEO media. “We commend Goodwill Industries International for their dedication to these efforts and are thrilled to honor them as a winning nonprofit organization.”
Goodwill Industries International will continue its commitment to caring for people and the planet with the continuation of two major programs: the Dell Reconnect program and the Donate Movement. Goodwill’s partnership with the Dell Reconnect program has recycled more than 114 million pounds of electronic equipment since 2004 and provided green collars jobs for people in need of work. The Donate Movement promotes the positive impact the donations of gently used items have on our local communities and the planet.
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