Goodwill, Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County Named a Center of Excellence

California Goodwill awarded during Goodwill’s annual Spring Conference                                                                                                                                           
Long Beach, CA — Goodwill, Serving the People of Los Angeles County (Long Beach) has been announced as one of three local Goodwill® organizations to be designated as a 2017 Center of Excellence.
The Long Beach Goodwill was selected because of the number of programs, services and activities it provides to its community. In 2015, the Goodwill began tracking economic self-sufficiency through federal and local data measurement, which it uses a measure to best serve the community. The Goodwill utilizes hourly wage information obtained from pay stubs or through employer follow-up, and compares those numbers against the Los Angeles County Self-Sufficiency Standard, provided by the Pacific Gateway Workforce Investment Network.
Through this method, Goodwill, Serving the People of Los Angeles County was able to determine that security guards (15,210 jobs) and nursing assistants (12,290 jobs) are among the largest-growing occupations in terms of new jobs and replacement needs in Los Angeles County. The organization’s ongoing engagement with industry representatives through employer roundtables and advisory groups keeps the organization abreast of industry needs.
The Goodwill’s key programs and services that serve the community include:

  • Industry Sector Workforce Development program.
  • Healthcare Training program — Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) training and certification.
  • Loss Prevention and Security Industry Training and Certification Program.
  • Comprehensive supportive services in conjunction with career exploration for high school youth who are at risk for delinquency.
  • Employment preparation, including soft skills and life skills training, employment placement, retention, and career advancement assistance.

“I am so proud of all of the hard work and impact that my organization has achieved in the community that we so passionately serve,” said Janet McCarthy, president and CEO of Goodwill, Serving the People of Los Angeles County. “Starting to track and use data has really helped us determine the specific needs here, and how to address them to best serve our community.”
The Goodwill is looking to continue expanding its programs with the help of its partners, Long Beach Unified School District, Long Beach School for Adults, Long Beach City College and Cerritos College.
“Every single Goodwill organization is different, and unique to the community it serves. It’s fulfilling to watch Goodwill, Serving the People of Los Angeles County make local impacts by studying neighborhood-specific issues, and creating customized resources for improvement,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “I look forward to watching these programs grow.”
Goodwill, Serving the People of Los Angeles was recognized as a Center of Excellence at Goodwill’s Spring Conference in Sarasota, FL, alongside two other organizations:

In recognition of its achievement and three-year designation, the Goodwill received a $2,500 award and a plaque recognizing their exemplary work.
Janet McCarthy
President and Chief Executive Officer
Goodwill, Serving the People of Los Angeles County
Phone: 562.435.3411, ext. 222
[email protected]
Savanna Mickens
Public Relations Specialist
Goodwill Industries International
Phone: (240) 333-5293
[email protected]
Goodwill, Serving the People of Southern Los Angeles County (SOLAC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that transforms donated goods into job training, education and placement services for individuals with barriers to employment. Goodwill SOLAC serves 22 cities and communities throughout Southern Los Angeles County.
Our skills training, education, job preparation and placement programs build lives, families and communities—one job at a time. Placing individuals in productive and competitive employment fills them with the value, joy and dignity of a paycheck. We believe putting people to work not only benefits the individual, but also the community’s economic vitality through taxes, spending power, real estate values, quality of life, and relief from social services and welfare systems.
Goodwill SOLAC is one of 162 independent Goodwills with membership in Goodwill Industries International. Goodwill SOLAC’s headquarters in Long Beach houses its administrative offices, training programs, processing operations, transportation fleet, LiNKS Sign Language & Interpreting Services, a retail store and its e-commerce operations.
Goodwill Industries International (GII) is a network of 162 community-based, autonomous organizations in the United States and Canada with a presence in 12 other countries. GII is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that is recognized by GuideStar with its Platinum Seal of Approval, the organization’s highest rating for charities. GII was also ranked by Enso as the #1 brand doing the most good in the world for two consecutive years, and was the only nonprofit brand rated in Forbes’ 20 most inspiring companies for three consecutive years. Local Goodwill organizations are innovative and sustainable social enterprises that create job training programs, employment placement and other community-based programs by selling donated clothing and household items in more than 3,200 stores collectively and online at®. Local Goodwill organizations build revenues and create jobs by contracting with commercial, state, government and non-government organizations to provide a wide range of business services, including manufacturing, warehousing and distribution, packaging, assembly, food preparation, document management, groundskeeping and  administrative. Last year, local Goodwill organizations collectively placed more than 288,000 people in employment in the United States and Canada. In addition, more than 38 million people used computers and mobile devices to access Goodwill education, training, mentoring and online learning services to strengthen their skills, and more than 1.7 million people received in person services. To learn more, visit