Goodwill® Wins National Communications Award for External Website

ROCKVILLE, MD — The Society for New Communications Research (SNCR) has awarded Goodwill Industries International with an Excellence in New Communications Award for its external website, GoodProspectsSM, a free online career mentoring community. The site offers rich content and virtual career mentoring relevant to entry- and mid-level job seekers and those seeking to advance their careers by exploring jobs in high growth industries. GoodProspects was honored in the External Communities Category in SNCR’s Nonprofit Division during the 7th Annual SNCR Symposium and Awards Gala, recently held at the Stanford Park Hotel in Palo Alto.
Originally funded by a grant from the United States Department of Labor (DOL) Employment and Training Administration, GoodProspects offers job seekers opportunities to engage in online conversations with career professionals and with their peers who are going through similar experiences. Job seekers can also access relevant blog content, videos and webinars produced by Goodwill career experts and other subject matter experts, as well as encouraging, first-person career success stories.
Millions of people are trying to balance work, school and family with little or no formal guidance or knowledge about how to access better jobs and careers. GoodProspects helps people avoid costly wrong career turns by providing access to the information and resources they need to make good career decisions, build their expertise and earn the credentials they need to compete for today’s jobs. Virtual mentors in nine high growth sectors offer guidance around careers in IT, Customer Service, Hospitality, Banking, Green Jobs, Retail, Business and Clerical, Education and Social Services, and Health Care.
“GoodProspects enables Goodwills to tailor services for career explorers so they can stay current on trends in their fields, exchange best practices with one another, and acquire new skills,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “The easy-to-navigate site enables this community to share resources, and learn in order to obtain a paycheck and better support themselves and their families.”
Since the launch of GoodProspects in 2010, 13,000 people have registered to use the site and participate in the online communities. Site users also have the opportunity to sign up for emails and mobile text messages that convey helpful tips for job seekers, news about career fairs and other updates.
“We are honored to recognize Goodwill Industries International through this awards program,” said Paul Gillin, chair of the SNCR Excellence Awards committee. “Goodwill’s success with GoodProspects proves the importance of communications and technology in supporting a mission-based nonprofit organization.”
SNCR’s prestigious awards program honors individuals and organizations that are pioneering the use of social media and Internet communications technologies. In 2010, Goodwill received a SNCR award for its MyStory blog and podcast, through which participants who have received employment services from Goodwill share their stories of success and in 2011, Goodwill received a SNCR awards for MyGoodwill, its intranet service.