Hanes® and Planet Green Join Goodwill’s Donate Movement

New partners focus on power of donations to create positive social and environmental change
ROCKVILLE, MD. — Goodwill Industries International is pleased to announce that Hanes® — America’s No. 1 Basic Apparel Brand , with products in nine out of 10 U.S. households — and Planet Green™ — the television network devoted to sustainable living — are the newest partners to join the Donate Movement. Hanes and Planet Green join Family Circle Magazine and Levi’s in a platform of iconic brands that support the Donate Movement, which encourages consumers to consider the positive impact their donations have on both people and the planet.

Hanes and Goodwill

Spring cleaning kicks off early with Hanes and Goodwill® partnering to launch a Clean Out Your Drawers effort in March. Hanes recently conducted research that sheds light into the usually dark spaces of our closets and drawers.  According to a national survey commissioned by Hanes, most people wear only 70 percent of the items inside their drawers. Together, Hanes and Goodwill will encourage the public to organize, donate and replenish. The program was developed in response to an overwhelmingly common occurrence of cluttered, messy drawers and offers fun and easy solutions for getting organized.
“As a partner in Goodwill’s Donate Movement, Hanes is increasing public knowledge of what it means to donate responsibly,” said Jim Gibbons, president and CEO of Goodwill Industries International. “Together, Goodwill and Hanes are asking consumers to make a commitment in reducing their environmental impact by cleaning out their drawers and donating those items to Goodwill, where they will help to provide job services for millions of people.”
“Hanes is proud to partner with Goodwill® to raise awareness of the Donate Movement. We wanted to use this program to highlight the power of responsible donations and what that can mean for communities,” said Sidney Falken, senior vice president, Hanes brand.  “We’ve learned through research that many people hold on to items they no longer need but these items can actually be used again and have a second life. That’s why Hanes partnered with Goodwill to educate people about the benefits of donating items they no longer need, while making room for new updates of their favorite apparel items.”
Visit www.facebook.com/Hanes for more information and tips about Cleaning Out Your Drawers.

Planet Green and Goodwill

Planet Green and Goodwill are working together to educate the public on ways they can actually make the world a better place.
“It’s the idea of conscious living,” said Laura Michalchyshyn, president and general manager of Planet Green. “As partners of the Donate Movement, we are asking viewers to consider the small ways they can help their community and the environment by giving to reputable organizations like Goodwill that turn donations into jobs.”
Part of the Goodwill and Planet Green partnership includes the launch of the network’s new docu-series, Dresscue Me, premiering in April featuring self-taught designer Shareen Mitchell.  Owning stores on both coasts, Mitchell works with every day women on her show to turn vintage clothing finds into chic, fashion-forward frocks.
“Planet Green will enable us to channel our ‘repurpose’ message to millions of viewers who understand what it means to give a new purpose to existing material,” continued Gibbons.
To find out what items are accepted and where to donate, locate your closest Goodwill at http://locator.goodwill.org.