Maine Senator Honored by Goodwill® For His Active Involvement with Goodwill Workforce Development Efforts

U.S. Senator Angus King (I-Maine) is one of nine members of Congress who received the Goodwill Industries International Policymaker Leader Award this week. The award honors elected officials who support Goodwill’s public policy agenda. Awardees were announced on Thursday, April 19 at Goodwill’s annual advocacy event in Washington, D.C.
Nominated by Goodwill Industries of Northern New England (Portland, ME), Sen. King was selected because of his strategic approach to lawmaking and active involvement with Goodwill. His staff attend local Goodwill events and meetings consistently, providing visible support to the organization and its key initiatives. Additionally, Goodwill hosts regular meetings, convening other service providers to discuss neighborhood, community and policy issues. Sen. King’s staff attend these meetings as well, taking an active role in these conversations. Their presence at the meetings helps to bridge the gap between government and grassroots organizations.
Most recently, the senator’s office provided assistance to Goodwill when staff were trying to understand and address complex changes occurring within Maine’s workforce development system.
“Senator King and his staff have an approach to lawmaking that is collaborative and thoughtful. They are focused on what’s best for all Mainers, many of whom Goodwill Industries of Northern New England support each day,” said Richard Cantz, vice president of strategic development and public policy. “Goodwill is grateful for the senator’s well-designed legislation and passionate team.”
There are two pieces of legislation Sen King supports that Goodwill Industries of Northern New England identifies as significant to its work. Examples include:

  • Opioid Response Enhancement Act – Sen. King’s support of this act impacts residents of Maine and beyond. This legislation provides funding for treatment and outreach needed to fight this epidemic. According to the senator, “This bill would help states and tribes access the funds they need to adequately respond to this epidemic, particularly in high-need states like Maine; put simply, this bill can help save lives.” During this time of social crisis, Maine needs to look at all of the best solutions and resources possible to help those who are dealing with addiction.
  • Jobs for Our Heroes Act – This legislation allows individuals who have experience in driving vehicles, similar to a commercial motor vehicle, while serving in the Armed Forces or reserves to apply for an exemption from all or a portion of federal commercial motor vehicle driving test requirements. This good, common-sense legislation is one example of the senator’s approach to lawmaking.

Since 1902, Goodwill has been helping people find jobs, build their financial stability, earn paychecks, and enhance their skills. This work has helped millions of people build their careers and experience the pride and sense of community that work brings.