South Carolina U.S. Representative Honored by Goodwill® For His Work Supporting Work For People with Disabilities

Congressman and U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.) is one of nine members of Congress who received a Goodwill Industries International Policymaker Leader Award this week. The award honors elected officials who support Goodwill’s public policy agenda. Awardees were announced on Thursday, April 19 at Goodwill’s annual advocacy event in Washington, DC.
Nominated by Palmetto Goodwill (Charleston, SC), Rep. Gowdy was selected because of his widespread efforts in securing opportunities for people with disabilities. Rep. Gowdy visited the Greenville County disability and special needs board and discussed the challenges faced by organizations operating the AbilityOne program, as well as other programs that serve people with disabilities. On July 28, 2017, he signed a letter with 41 other members of Congress addressing concerns over issues regarding fair employment.
In 2017, Rep. Dowdy became the newest congressional champion of Goodwill and signed a letter of support endorsing Goodwill’s programs and services. He has met with Goodwill leadership at his office in Washington, DC, to discuss employment options for people with disabilities, state-use programs, transportation barriers and other pressing issues for citizens of South Carolina.
“Congressman Gowdy is without a doubt deserving of this award. He has been an advocate for people with disabilities and the people we serve at Palmetto Goodwill, the entire state of South Carolina, and beyond,” said Reginald Hughes, vice president at Palmetto Goodwill. “We are looking forward to more remarkable things from Congressman Gowdy,”
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