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From DIY decor to costume inspiration, we’ve got everything you need for a frightfully unique Halloween. And this year, we've teamed up with The Addams Family (in theaters this October) to bring you more tricks, more treats, and more fun this season.

Restive DIY Decor—It’s a Thing

Explore new ways to shock (and impress) your friends. Click on hot spots for more information.

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Grandma character from the Addams Family animated movie
Addams Family's oldest child grinning deviously and wearing a striped t-shirt

Be Fashionably Fierce

Find your costume's missing link, or discover the statement piece you've been craving, with new inspiration from our Goodwill stores.

Two people dressed as zombies wearing tattered, blood-stained clothing standing next to a cooler with a biohazard sticker on it


Halloween witches in colorful dresses and pointy hats reading from their spell books


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Orange Splatter


From blog posts to videos, our Goodwill team brings you everything you need for a spooktacular holiday.

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  • DIY Creepy Figurines

Spirited Inspiration

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  • Two girls in DIY halloween outfits wearing black crew neck t-shirts, black shorts, and black furry animal ears
  • Woman dressed in an easy-to-make Rosie the Riveter Halloween costume using a pair of blue jeans, a denim shirt and red bandana
  • Wild west saloon girl DIY costume using a corset, ruffled skirt, layers of lace, black stockings, red boots, and a fancy hat
  • Man dressed in an easy-to-make cowboy Halloween costume wearing a white cowboy hat, striped button-down shirt tucked into blue jeans, leather belt, and brown boots
  • Group DIY Halloween costume featuring characters from a classic 70s horror movie using an ax, 1970s clothing, and two creepy girls dressed as twins in white dresses
  • Girl dressed in handmade Halloween costume using stitches painted on her face, a heart on her chest, and black paint on her eyelids
  • Dog dressed a famous superhero wearing a red cape, yellow belt, and blue shirt with an "S" on it
  • Woman flashing peace sign dressed in homemade hippie costume wearing a long orange skirt, bell-sleeve top with psychedelic design, sandals, and a purple headband

Happy mother and her two children smiling outside a Goodwill location

Our Mission

Goodwill is a destination for Halloween costumes and everyday apparel, but it stands for something bigger. We equip people with the right skills and support so they can achieve sustainably better futures through employment. We provide employment placement, job training, credentials, digital skills and other support services so that people reach their full potential through learning and the power of work.

We advance our mission through our local, independent organizations that employ more than 130,000 people directly and provide workforce development and other supportive services to millions. This means that every 30 seconds of every business day, a person served by Goodwill earns a good job – not just in October, but all year long.

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Comes Alive
at Goodwill®

Start crafting your costumes, conjure up your decor, and make sure to go see The Addams Family movie in theaters everywhere on October 11, 2020.


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