Goodwill® a Founding Member of Campaign to Invest in America’s Workforce

Group of diverse employees look at the cameraNumerous times over the past several years, policymakers have considered proposals to drastically reduce or eliminate investments that help educate and train people to improve their skills, find jobs, and advance in careers.

In anticipation that this trend will continue, a new effort was launched last week by 35 national organizations including Goodwill Industries®. Called the Campaign to Invest in America’s Workforce, the initiative engages a diverse coalition of community-based, faith-based and civil rights organizations; workforce development and job training providers; community colleges and universities; providers of career and technical education and adult basic education; workforce investment boards and staff; and state and local public officials.

Policymakers face difficult choices as they work to get our nation’s fiscal house back in order while ensuring that the U.S. remains competitive. Should we reduce spending by eliminating, consolidating and streamlining many training and education programs? Or would investments aimed at increasing and strengthening the middle class result in increased tax revenues and reduced spending on social programs?

As policymakers search for the right strategies that aim to improve our nation’s economic prospects, Campaign for Invest in America’s Workforce challenges policymakers to win the global skills race by investing in programs that strengthen our nation’s ability to compete in the global economy; help U.S. businesses grow and create jobs; support and leverage community resources; and help everyone to contribute to and share in our national prosperity.

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