Build Your Maternity Collection at Goodwill®

You know that thrilling retail therapy feeling? The excitement of making a great purchase? That feeling eluded me last fall when my growing belly screamed out for maternity-wear. Staring at big price tags on pieces of clothing that would only fit for a few months, I cringed as I made those first few maternity-wear purchases. Then, the face-palm moment struck and I realized that I could be saving money by getting some great barely-worn maternity items at Goodwill! To the racks I went!

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Goodwill Industries of Northern Illinois knows just what I mean. In this maternity style post, they’ve styled a mother-to-be in six different looks (three dressy and three casual). The versatility of each piece is explored and the model, Kat, still looks comfortable. It’s so important to do what you can to stay comfy during those awkward months of growth, so three cheers for long tops and empire waists!

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With so many maternity options at Goodwill – the actual maternity section, larger sizes, menswear, and selecting forgiving cuts in your own size (that can still be worn after pregnancy!) – you may need more focused fashion inspiration. Enter this Kate Middleton maternity fashion post by Goodwill Keystone Area (Harrisburg). It can help you select styles that are worthy of a princess by favoring classic patterns in sleek cuts. Just because pregnancy makes you feel crummy doesn’t mean you can’t at least look elegant.

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Even if you’re still squeezing into your regular clothes, it’s not too soon to start planning that baby shower! I am head-over-heels for this thrifty shower thrown by Amanda of the blog Green Owl Crafts. When expecting her second child she wanted a comfortable, low-key, and affordable shower, so she challenged her guests to find the thriftiest gifts! She got everything she needed and I’m sure her friends and family were grateful they got to save some green.

As your family grows, you can feel proud to support your neighborhood Goodwill because Goodwill supports growing families, too! How? By addressing the unique needs of families and providing financial literacy and coaching opportunities to develop and meet specific financial and asset building goals. All of that is possible because of your donations and purchases. By shopping at Goodwill you are helping to build a better future for your future child.