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    Get Your Halloween Costume at Goodwill®

    Get Your Halloween Costume at Goodwill

    It’s that time of year again — you know what I’m talking about. As Halloween creeps closer by the day, thrift stores like Goodwill® slowly start flooding with wide-eyed newbies, wandering the aisles in packs searching for that perfect costume. It’s like clockwork each year, but understandably so. There’s no better place to go when you’ve got a unique idea (or a really good borrowed one) and you want to make a splash on the cheap.

    Because the selection of clothing and accessories is so vast, it’s easy to find what you need. So whether you’re going as Tan Mom, Honey Boo Boo, Clint Eastwood’s chair or Snooki and her baby (lots of dolls available at Goodwill stores, folks!) you’re sure to find what you need.

    On my recent trip back to my home state of Missouri, I made a point to check out what the Hannibal Goodwill had to offer up for this year’s crop of ghouls and goblins. It didn’t take long to strike some epic Halloween gold.

    Jenna Isaacson dresses as Whoopee cushion for Halloween

    It was pink, felty goodness with a $6 price tag and it screamed out to me from afar — a Whoopie Cushion costume!

    My husband and I also found an assortment of Star Wars costumes to pick from for my 5-year-old nephew, whose recently discovered love for the trilogy is sure to make this Halloween a very memorable one for him. And though my husband probably won’t admit it, I think he wishes he’d bought one for himself, too.Star Wars Darth Vader mask for Halloween

    And last but not least, the pets in our lives need a little decoration for the holiday. Fortunately, there was even a decent assortment of things to pick from for the pooches, including witches, flowers and capes. I found the perfect banana costume for Quincy, but alas, our baggage was not large enough to accommodate this amazing find. Then again, it’s always easy to just put a second hand tie (American flag tie, anyone?) around their neck and say theyre going as your favorite presidential candidate.

    The best part about this busy time of the year for thrift stores is that while people sometimes come to simply discover what great costumes they can put together, it’s also a foot in the door that exposes them to all the other great stuff they can find year round and to how much they can save from the landfills (and in their wallets!). I hope this year’s run on costumes sparks more enthusiasm for buying secondhand, because when you really think about it, we wear “costumes” every day, not just when we beg for candy one night a year!

    To get everything you need for the perfect costume, be sure to visit your local Goodwill or shop online at shopgoodwill.com.

    Jenna Isaacson
    is a journalist, Midwesterner and thrift addict. She started her project All Thrifty States, in 2010. In 2011, with support from Goodwill and Kickstarter, she spent 52 days traveling 10,000 miles in an RV documenting items, people and scenes from thrift stores in 30 states. Now with 40 states complete, she intends to publish a book when it's complete. She lives in Washington, DC with a very patient husband.
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    • jackie
      October 10th, 2012 at 6:44 pm

      if you dont beilieve this than think of it this way.if i saw a costume that i saw for $45 at party city,and i saw the same exact costume at goodwill for just $5 wouldn’t YOU buy it?

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