ACTION ALERT: Nonprofits Need Your Help

By Angela Lee, Manager of Advocacy Outreach and Engagement, Goodwill Industries International

As the COVID-19 pandemic deepens, America’s charities are frontline responders, providing both direct employment and vital services to those in need. Times like this are when America relies on charitable nonprofits the most.

Charities are our society’s shock absorber when crisis hits. Our workers provide essential immediate support such as food and shelter, and are being called on to care for people whose lives have been disrupted by closures, job loss and sickness, and we help people get back on their feet when it’s time to recover.” — Steven C. Preston, president and CEO of Goodwill® Industries International.

However, the financial impact of the crisis has put the survival of many service providers at risk. Goodwill Industries International, along with countless other nonprofits, needs your help.

Without immediate financial and programmatic support from the government, charitable nonprofits and the people we serve face a rapid decline at a time when our efforts are most needed.

Tell Congress not to forget about America’s nonprofits during this critical time

Send a pre-written letter that asks Congress to include an immediate infusion of $60 billion in capital to help nonprofits maintain operations, expand scope to address increasing demands, and stabilize losses from closures throughout the country. Specific recommendations for assistance to help the nonprofit sector stay engaged serving the American people include:

  • As 10% of U.S.GDP, we employ 12 million workers. We need funding to retain them.
  • Nonprofits are on the frontlines serving people, especially those in need. We need business continuity relief.
  • Give nonprofit payroll tax credit relief as this is the most significant tax we pay.
  • Provide an “above-the-line” or universal charitable deduction for contributions through the end of 2021.

We need your help now more than ever. Contact your legislators today!