Deal or No Deal

By Laura Walling, Senior Director of Government Relations, Goodwill Industries International

Another week has passed, another 1.2 million Americans have filed for unemployment, another slew of businesses have shuttered their doors, and hundreds of thousands of people have tested positive for COVID-19 while another several thousand have lost their lives — and yet there is still no agreement on the next round of congressional relief for the nation. This process is frustrating and exhausting, but we cannot give up our pursuit.

Nonprofit advocates have been working tirelessly week after week, seeking bits of relief to help us continue to fulfill our missions and support our communities, families and individuals in need. Our nation’s charities, including local Goodwill® organizations, are going to be needed even more as the nation shifts to recovery efforts.

Our work with the #Relief4Chairities coalition has garnered some small wins along the way, and we can’t give up or loosen up on our efforts now, despite continued reports that congressional leadership and the Administration continue to be far apart in their negotiations. The support that we’re seeking has received bipartisan support from both chambers, but lawmakers need to continue to hear from us.

Our communities are hurting, and people are turning to nonprofits now more than ever. Furthermore, nonprofits face the unique challenge of experiencing huge increases in demand for their services at the same time that the resources available to provide those services are plummeting.

People in communities across the country need nonprofits, and nonprofits need Congress to do more in the next coronavirus relief package. Visit our Legislative Action Center and urge Congress to act.