Encourage Congress to Protect Funding for Employment Programs

While many of you have been focused on turkey this past week, the Goodwill Industries International Government Relations team has focused on duck – lame duck, that is. Lawmakers briefly returned to Washington the week of November 14 before taking a recess for Thanksgiving.  Now they are back and trying to wrap up priorities before adjourning.  Any bills that don’t pass by the end of this Congress will have to be reintroduced during the new 115th Congress.
Reaching a deal to fund the government is on the top of the list of priorities.  The bill that currently provides funding for federal agencies runs only through December 9 under a continuing resolution.  Lawmakers are negotiating the length of a new continuing resolution which could keep the government operating through March, April, or May 2017.  Regardless of the length of the continuing resolution, Goodwill Industries® is working to protect funding for programs of interest include those that assist older workers, job-training, and workforce development among others.
On the heels of Giving Tuesday, when you may have made a charitable donation, you can also assist Goodwill by lending your voice!  You can help support our efforts by contacting Congress and telling your lawmakers to fully fund programs that we care about for Fiscal Year 2017, and support Goodwill’s efforts on behalf of all who are looking for good jobs and a better quality of life.
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