Finding Good During Goodwill Week

By Laura Walling, Senior Director of Government Affairs, Goodwill Industries International 

As part of Goodwill® Week, both Goodwill Industries International and local Goodwill organizations around the country have encouraged people to “Find Good Everywhere.” Amidst partisan bickering, it’s not always easy to find good on Capitol Hill, but there were a few highlights to acknowledge, which have been beyond good for our advocacy efforts seeking #Relief4Charities in the next congressional package.

First, 144 bipartisan members of the House of Representatives signed a letter to House leadership, outlining what measures should be included in the next congressional COVID-19 package to support nonprofits, including: expanding access for nonprofits in disaster relief programs including the Paycheck Protection Program, increasing the unemployment insurance reimbursement for self-insured nonprofits struggling to pay furloughed employees, and strengthening tax incentives so more Americans donate to nonprofits in this era of economic uncertainty. A similar letter in the Senate has secured 29 bipartisan co-signers.

Congressional champions have been identified, and they are working on legislation that could significantly help nonprofits (like the majority of Goodwill organizations), which have more than 500 employees and may not have been eligible for the financial relief programs currently available.

We have found good within our network of advocates who have taken action via our Legislative Action Center to send thousands of letters to lawmakers since the pandemic began. We’re finding good in the value of working in coalitions with other nonprofits seeking similar relief and those organizations focusing on the workforce development needs of our country as we begin to recover. We have found good in sharing information and resources, and conducting joint media and advocacy activities with like-minded nonprofits.

With the continued support of our partners, funders, shoppers, donors, volunteers, program participants and advocates like you, we will continue to find good everywhere. Thank you for the support that you have given. Whether it has been donating your time, money, possessions, expertise, or your voice — your contributions are valued.