Give Re-entering Vets a Second Chance this Memorial Day

Second Chance StatWe’ve told you about how the statistics on recidivism are staggering.  On average more than six in ten people re-entering society from prison re-offend within three years.  This alone is tragic, but even more so is the number of veterans who end up on this life ruining merry-go-‘round. And while some data is showing that incarceration rates among veterans is falling, that data is suspect because many localities don’t track veterans coming into their jails.

This is a revolving door that costs taxpayers billions of dollars each year, wastes countless lives which could be saved from this tragedy, and more to the point, can be prevented with sound, reasonable policies.

We know that the programs funded through the Second Chance Act help to break the cycle of re-incarceration by helping people reentering society find work.  And a job is one of the best interventions we can offer to those coming out of prison.  For our veterans, Goodwill® can couple employment services with the other services they need for the symptoms of PTSD and traumatic brain injury.

In 2015, the 158 autonomous local Goodwill organizations in the U.S. served more than 136,000 people with a criminal background and more than 61,000 veterans.  So this Memorial Day, please take a couple of minutes to support the Second Chance Act and help a veteran get a second chance.

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