Goodwill® Aligns with Hundreds of Groups to Boost Job Training Funding

Illustration of people in gearsIf the old adage that there is strength in numbers has any truth, then funding for job training programs could see a boost next year.

Goodwill Industries International and Goodwill® members are joining hundreds of national and state organizations to make the case to Congress that it’s time to invest in America’s job training system.

Funding for federal job training programs has been cut dramatically over the last decade.  Congress has carved over $1 billion dollars from the nation’s workforce programs — roughly a 25 percent reduction in funding.  This happened despite the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.

Even with the long-term unemployment numbers stubbornly stuck at their historic highs, Congress continues to under-invest in America’s workforce system. Certainly in this time of tight federal budgets, we know Congress must set priorities; however, American workers should be a top priority.  For this reason, we’re urging Congress to make the investments in the federal budget so we can help every American who wants to work find a job.

With hundred of organizations banded together, we hope to halt the divestment in the workforce system and convince Congress that it’s time to invest in work.