Help Us Protect Our Programs by Sharing Your Story

Lawmakers in Congress are currently meeting to create a budget for next year. The decisions they make will determine the levels of funding for programs that many Goodwill® organizations offer in their communities. Important programs such as the Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), GoodGuides (career mentoring) and Career and Technical Education Training are in danger of decreased funding. Cuts to these programs can severely limit the impact the Goodwill network can have serving some of the most vulnerable members of our communities.
To help demonstrate to lawmakers why these issues are important to Goodwill, we are collecting personal stories from individuals who have benefited from theses federally funded programs. We want to demonstrate that budgets are more than numbers. They mean programs and services to real people – just like me, you, and the rest of their constituents.
Personal stories are at the heart of advocacy. Members of congress depend on their constituents for information and to hear what programs are most needed. This means the time to speak up is now and they need to hear from you! The best way to inform members of congress about the importance of the programs used throughout the Goodwill network is to share your personal story.
No one tells your story better than you. Your story can never be wrong; it’s your own personal experience. By sharing your story you will tell your lawmakers what things are important to you and what programs they should continue to fund.
Take a few short minutes and share your story with us! Help us work together with organizations across the country to #ProtectOurPrograms.