Join Our Year-End Appeal for #Relief4Charities

By Laura Walling, Senior Director of Government Relations, Goodwill Industries International

Congressional leaders are currently negotiating a year-end package to fund the government, and it will likely include many COVID-19 relief priorities.

With provisions from the CARES Act expiring at the end of the month, along with an expected surge in coronavirus cases, resources will be stretched just when our communities need nonprofits like Goodwill® the most.

Now is the time to urge Congress to include the nonprofit sector’s #Relief4Charities priorities in either a stand-alone COVID-19 relief bill or fold the priorities into year-end legislation to fund the government so that nonprofits can continue serving communities as we have throughout this crisis. Your voice is more important now than ever before. Please join us and take action for this critical end of year push to urge members of Congress to help nonprofits and retweet our #Relief4Charities messages via @GoodwillCapHill on Twitter.

Charitable nonprofits are frontline responders providing food, shelter, medical care and other critical services to those in need. As the nation begins to recover, job training and workforce development supports are vital; however, nonprofits also need resources to continue to serve those who rely on us.

More than 4,000 nonprofits signed a letter to congressional leadership highlighting several urgent priorities. Please show your support of nonprofits by calling on leadership to include these priorities in the coronavirus response bill being negotiated right now.

These provisions will be a lifeline to nonprofits struggling to keep their doors open, provide essential services to our communities, and preserve as many jobs as we possibly can. Thank you for your ongoing support.