Secure Your Financial Present and Future with a Week of Action

We have all heard about how the economy is growing, how the recovery has created millions of new jobs and how unemployment is plummeting to historic lows.  So then, why do so many Americans not just feel, but know, that all is not as the numbers would indicate?

They suspect, correctly as it turns out, that behind the rosy numbers a deeper insecurity lurks.  Yes, millions of jobs have been created, but those jobs pay less, and offer fewer benefits than the ones that were lost.  Yes, unemployment has declined.  But part time work is at an all-time high as workers take two or sometimes three part time jobs to make ends meet.

All the while, the divide between the very wealthy, the one percent, and the rest of the country yawns wider than ever before.  However, Goodwill® is working every day to help Americans not just find work, but to help Americans find ways to prosper in these times.

Next week, join Goodwill as we partner with the first Assets & Opportunity National Week of Action, along with the Corporation for Enterprise Development (CFED), a nonprofit organization dedicated to expanding economic opportunity for low-income families and communities in the United States, and Credit Builders Alliance (CBA), an innovative, nonprofit social enterprise that empowers a diverse and growing network of hundreds of nonprofits to help low- and moderate-income individuals and families build strong credit and other financial assets.

This week of action includes events each day including:

  • January 25-Assets & Opportunity Scorecard Day: CFED will release state-specific data that highlights the measures of financial security at the state and national level. Please join us for a webinar to mark the national release of the data.
  • January 26-Credit Building Day: Credit Builders Alliance (CBA) hosts a conversation on the importance of credit building. CBA will answer your questions related to credit reports, credit scores, and credit building. Send in your questions using the hashtag #creditbuildingday and follow the conversation on January 26 from noon-3 pm EST.
  • January 27-Reining In Predatory Lending Day: Check out an online briefingabout how to protect owners of small businesses from predatory lending. Show your support for strong consumer protections by joining the #ConsumersCantWait and #StopTheDebtTrap campaigns.
  • January 28-Children’s Savings Day: Participate in an online discussion about the important role philanthropists and lawmakers play in helping families save for college. Show your support for CSAs by joining the Campaign for Every Kid’s Future.
  • January 29-EITC Awareness Day: Join us for a Capitol Hill Policy Forum to celebrate EITC Awareness Day, where we’ll be hosting What’s Next for Tax Credits for Low-Wage Workers.

We know one week won’t bring Americans the financial security they seek, but Goodwill is committed to that goal every day of every week of the year.  That is our mission.  Goodwill, good jobs, great futures.