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    Tick, Tock … The Congressional Clock Is Running Out

    clock 300x200Surrealist painter Salvador Dalí was once asked about the watches in his painting “The Persistence of Memory.” Dalí replied that the soft watches were inspired by the surrealist perception of a Camembert cheese melting in the sun.

    And like that Camembert melting in the sun, time is melting away on the 113th Congress. Just a few short weeks remain to take care of business. The House is scheduled to be in session 38 more days until the fiscal year ends on Oct. 1, 2014; the Senate for 51. And there is much to be done in those critical days.

    Congress must wrap up 12 appropriations bills or pass a continuing resolution (CR) to prevent a government shutdown—something neither party wants in an election year. Progress on those bills has been slow, with the House having passed just three and the Senate none. Thus, it is likely that most of the 12 bills won’t pass in time, requiring some kind of extension. Furthermore, key legislation such as Workforce Investment Act reauthorization, unemployment benefits for the long-term unemployed and the extension of expiring tax provisions, already overdue, tops a long list of priorities.

    And whether it is funding for workforce programs or a new workforce reauthorization bill, here at Goodwill, we’re working to make sure Congress addresses these important priorities before the clock runs out.

    Paul Seifert
    Senior Public Policy Specialist
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    • Elizabeth Welch
      June 5th, 2014 at 4:09 pm

      We have had enough of Tea Bag bully politics.
      Get back to work or we will find people who are willing to do the job we sent them to Washington to do!

    • Michael Abbington
      June 7th, 2014 at 4:47 pm

      Not pushing for the new unemployment bill does not make sound sense to me because it looks like the 2.9 million Americans has committed some kind of offense and require to be penalized. Not to mention the unemployed will lose their financial responsibilities while they wait for a courtroom appearance before a Justice.

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