Urge Congress to Protect Charitable Giving Incentives

Raised handsHundreds of nonprofit advocates met with lawmakers and staff on November 20 as part of Protect Giving Day. The event aims to protect charitable giving incentives which are being threatened during discussions pertaining to the budget and tax reform.

Goodwill Industries® is proud to be a part of the Charitable Giving Coalition.  Goodwill®, along with more than 1.2 million other organizations, is part of a diverse charitable and philanthropic community working daily to provide programs and services that change the lives of individuals and strengthen families and communities.

The work of organizations like Goodwill is made possible by the generosity of Americans, who give hundreds of billions of dollars each year in addition to clothing and household goods, to support charitable causes important to them and their communities.  Goodwill alone has earned the trust of 83 million goods donors each year.

As nonprofit organizations like Goodwill continue to meet increased demand for services and labor to raise the necessary funds to meet those needs, Congress should seek to encourage everyone, regardless of income, to give more to charitable organizations.  Any caps or limits placed on the charitable deduction will undermine the incentive effect, thus reducing charitable giving and hurting nonprofits.

At a time when the nonprofit sector continues to see an increased demand for programs and services while public funds are being reduced, our elected officials should support policies that encourage all Americans to give more to charitable organizations and protect the people we serve.

Contact your members of Congress and urge them not to limit the charitable deduction.