Virtual Advocacy Day is Here! #GoodwillOnHill

Today, more than 100 Goodwill Advocates from across the country, including CEOs, staff, board members and program participants, will meet with nearly half of Congress as part of Goodwill’s advocacy efforts. These advocates will be asking Congress to protect funding for workforce development and job training programs, to expand charitable giving incentives, and to reauthorize the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program.
Along with their efforts you have the opportunity to add your own voice by being a virtual advocate. Your voice matters and the thoughts you share online with your lawmakers make a difference. Here are three things that you can do to participate in Goodwill’s virtual advocacy.

  • Send a Letter: Start off your virtual advocacy efforts by visiting Goodwill Industries International’s Legislative Action Center. In a matter of a few minutes and a few clicks you can send your lawmakers a letter asking them to support Goodwill’s policy priorities.
  • Tweet Your Lawmaker/Share a Facebook Post: Use the power of social media (Twitter and Facebook) to message your lawmaker and ask them to support Goodwill. Follow the hashtag #GoodwillOnHill for graphics that you can re-share and re-tweet to your lawmaker.
  • Post a Selfie: You are the face of a Goodwill Advocate! Share a picture online of you and tell the world why you advocate for Goodwill. Use our Goodwill Advocate selfie template along with your selfie to personalize your advocacy efforts.

These are three simple ways you can participate in Goodwill’s virtual advocacy. We invite you to take at least take one action today. Additionally, we invite you to encourage your friends and family to support your efforts.
Every voice matters and virtual advocacy is one of the ways that you can make your voice heard!
Thanks you for your efforts today and as always, thank you for being a Goodwill Advocate!
Don’t forget to follow us @GoodwillCapHill and to follow along with #GoodwillOnHill.