About Recruiters, Part Two

By Randy Wooden, Director, Professional Center by Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

In part two of our four-part series on recruiting, let’s explore the advantage of external recruiters to both the job seeker and employer.

External recruiters, whether with staffing or executive search firms, match candidates for a number of client companies. Some staffing firm positions are via hourly contract with the workers paid by the staffing firm while working side-by-side with the company’s employees. The staffing firm invoices the company based on hours worked, called billable hours.

Benefits to job seekers It is a foot in the door, a chance to try on working for the company before making a longer term commitment. Some companies are moving away from direct hires and instead use staffing firms to get to know talent. The only way to work for a company might be through a staffing firm. Once you are in the door, you can demonstrate your skills and character that may lead to future opportunities.
Staffing and executive search firms are often aware of openings that are not made public. While you may get recruiter calls or emails about positions in which you have no interest, you could hear about a great new opportunity.

Recruiters can help save you time through pre-qualifying. Recruiters know the pay range. They know your desired income range. Good recruiters will not knowingly present you for opportunities that do not align with your range.

Benefits to employers Companies hiring hourly workers may engage staffing firms to help manage a flood of applicants that come through the internet. Outsourcing application pre-screening , initial interviews, background checks or other processes saves employer time and resources.

Companies often need a flexible workforce to navigate rapidly changing economic and business trends. Staffing firms can help companies increase or decrease the number of employees as business dictates or bring in workers with specific talents or skills as they are needed.

External recruiters can benefit both job seekers and businesses that need talent. Does this resource fit into your career pathway?