Apprenticeships Are a Valid Option

Are you hesitant to invest time and money in a traditional college program or trade school before you’re sure the job is a good fit for you? You might check out an apprenticeship instead.

Apprenticeship programs allow you to begin earning wages immediately. New apprentices typically start out making 35-50 percent of what a fully-trained worker would make, and the pay steadily increases as you complete hours of training. These programs also typically provide a mix of classroom learning with on-the-job experience from the start, so you can quickly determine if the job is a good fit for your skills and interests.

You also work alongside experienced workers who can provide valuable insight into the career field. Many apprenticeship programs also have strong ties with local employers, and are able to connect apprentices with jobs once their training is complete.

Most apprenticeships tend to be in the construction trades, such as plumbers, electricians or masons. However, there are a surprising variety of other fields that use apprenticeship programs, though availability of these programs varies from state to state.

To find career fields with apprenticeship programs registered with the US Department of Labor, check out the table below. My Next Move also gives information on available licenses, common tools of the trade, and other training options within the field.