Career and Financial Advice for April 2016

The Goodwill blog’s career and financial advice posts have all moved to GoodProspects®, but you can still get great advice on your job search, learn about career fields and connect with virtual career mentors. Here are some recent articles published this month—read each piece, share your thoughts, and join GoodProspects to take advantage of everything at Goodwill’s online career navigation portal!

Match Your Skills to your Ideal Workplace
Being able to do your best work in the best workplace for you will go a long way toward having a fulfilling career. Use these tips for insights into how to find the best place to work.

Networking Strategies for Older Workers Returning to the Job
A career network is particularly valuable to older workers, particularly for those who are looking to return to work. If you’re looking for advice to get back into the workplace, these strategies can help you leverage and build your network and find an easier way back. Learn more …

Careers in Focus: Solar Installation
Did you know that one of the brightest career options available is in solar energy? Positions doing installation and maintenance work are both accessible and in demand. Learn more about getting started in a career in solar installation.

Five Questions about Health Care Benefits Answered
If you haven’t selected an insurance plan before, you may be confused about where to start. Listed in this article are the answers to five common questions about choosing a health care plan. Learn more …

Retirement Basics: 10 Terms to Know
Before you commit to a retirement plan, review this list of 10 terms to make sure you fully understand the ins and outs of retirement plans and can make an informed decision.