Career and Financial Advice for December 2015

The Goodwill blog’s career and financial advice posts have all moved to GoodProspects®, but you can still get great advice on your job search, learn about career fields and connect with virtual career mentors. Here are some recent articles published this month—read each piece, share your thoughts, and join GoodProspects to take advantage of everything at Goodwill’s online career navigation portal!

Careers in Focus: Television Production
How many times have you watched a TV show or news program and thought that the process of telling audiovisual stories wouldn’t just be fun, but could make for an interesting career? Learn more …

Ten Ways to Turn an Internship into a Full-time Job
You got an internship build skills with the company, and they wanted you to come and learn from them. It might be your first job, and you have longer-term goals. Make sure that your time with the company gives you the best chance to earn a full-time position once your internship is over with these 10 tips.

Careers in Focus: Energy Auditors
Many of today’s fastest-growing career fields are in energy, ranging from the best use of limited resources to finding new resources to managing projects that maximize energy efficiency. Learn more …

What You’re Worth: Three Tools to Research Job Compensation
If you’re evaluating a new job offer or seeking to negotiate your existing pay, it’s important to know what you’re worth. Many websites now collect and share this information, making it easy to see where you stand. Here are three websites you can use to see what people similar to you are earning in your region.

Getting Started in Building Trades and Construction
A career in the building trades offers the exciting opportunity to earn a good salary while learning something new every day, and can include high wages and wide variety of occupations that do not necessarily require you to start with a college degree. Learn more …