Career and Financial Advice for June 2016

The Goodwill blog’s career and financial advice posts have all moved to GoodProspects®, but you can still get great advice on your job search, learn about career fields and connect with virtual career mentors. Here are some recent articles published this month—read each piece, share your thoughts, and join GoodProspects to take advantage of everything at Goodwill’s online career navigation portal!

Applying for Your First Job? Remember These Tips
Applying for your first job can be an exciting time, especially for a young adult. Increase your chances of getting hired with these tips to help you make a great impression during the process. Learn more …

Five Tips for a Friendlier Workplace
Everyone has felt out of place at their job at some point. While you don’t have to become best friends with everyone in the company, a pleasant work environment can make your job go much more smoothly. These five tips can help you get there.

Careers in Focus: Loss Prevention
Looking for a growing career in the retail industry that taps into your inner superhero? Look no further than loss prevention.​ Learn more …

Five Considerations When Interviewing for Jobs with a Disability
The process of getting a job can be stressful—even more so if you have a disability. The first time you’ll be in front of your potential boss will be the interview, and you’ll likely face questions that relate to it. Here are five things to consider as you prepare.