Career and Financial Advice for November 2015

The Goodwill blog’s career and financial advice posts have all moved to GoodProspects®, but you can still get great advice on your job search, learn about career fields and connect with virtual career mentors. Here are some recent articles published this month—read each piece, share your thoughts, and join GoodProspects to take advantage of everything at Goodwill’s online career navigation portal!

When a Disability Happens to You, Know Your Rights and Options
Anybody can become disabled at almost any time. What are your options if you become disabled? What steps do you need to take to protect your rights on the job? Here are some tips if a disability is not acquired through a work-related incident.

Transferring Military Skills to the Civilian Workplace
Oftentimes, the skills gained in the military can be transferred to a civilian career. Those kinds of skills are directly transferable, and they can help veterans get a head start on a new civilian career. Identifying transferable skills is a key step to successfully transition from a military to civilian career. Read more …

Job Satisfaction Starts with Assessing Your Skills
A full-time job will usually take up at least half of our waking hours, so making that time personally fulfilling while also financially rewarding is important. If you’re ready to begin your career journey, it’s helpful to know what your best fit really is. Here are some free tools to help you compare the skills you have, or are interested in developing, with specific career fields and occupations.

Careers in Focus: Fleet Management
Automotive careers aren’t all in vehicle assembly and repair. If you have deep knowledge of vehicles and a diverse set of skills, you may find that a career in fleet management is just right for you. Read more about fleet management career options and how to get started.