Cell Phone Do’s and Don’ts during In-Person Job Interviews

By Randy Wooden, Director, Professional Center by Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

Cell phones provide immediate communication so you can always be available if you wish. However, convenience comes with responsibilities when it comes to a job interview. Let’s look at three cell phone etiquette tips to keep in mind during job interviews.

Call if you may be late

Remember to get the employer’s phone number when arranging the interview. While you should allow for extra traffic or other delays when driving or taking public transportation to your interview (early is always better than late), circumstances may prevent you from arriving on time.

Call the employer contact as soon as you believe you might be late.  Let them know, even if by voicemail, your situation and when you anticipate arriving for the interview. Apologize for the inconvenience and ask whether they would prefer to reschedule.

Silence or turn off your phone

No one wants to hear your phone ring or vibrate while they are conducting a job interview. Do not answer your phone or text someone back.

What if you must take a call?

Emergency circumstances could arise where you must be in immediate contact. You should let close contacts know you will be in an interview and not be available. If that is not feasible, let the employer know you may have an urgent call. While this is not ideal, most employers could understand and appreciate your letting them know ahead of time.

If the likelihood of disruption is high, consider rescheduling your interview. The risk is that the employer may move on to a more readily available candidate.