Find Job Opportunities Through Temporary Work


“I’ve got good office skills and experience, but can’t find a full-time job. My sister told me to try the temp agency in our town, but isn’t that just wasting time I could be using to find a proper job? What do you think?” – Carlos from Galveston, TX


As the director of a Goodwill® employment center in Indiana, I run across this question a lot when assisting others with searching for employment. Your sister is definitely leading you in the right direction.

Utilizing a temp agency is a great idea for job seekers today. Do you ever wonder why there are some really great jobs that you may hear about, but can never find out how to apply for them?  That’s because many companies use temp agencies to recruit ideal candidates for employment for them. This practice reduces the amount of résumé reviews, the number of calls to schedule interviews and the number of interviews conducted just to hire one employee for some companies.  This is all done by a recruiter for the temp agency.  So you may miss out on a great opportunity by avoiding temp agencies.

Another benefit to utilizing temp agencies is that your success is their success.  Many recruiters are paid based upon the number of successful job placements they make; therefore, they have a vested interest in ensuring that the right people get assigned to the right places.  It is almost like having your own personal agent working diligently to find you work that fits you.  How’s that for a confidence booster?

Furthermore, when you are placed in a temp position, you are actually working for the temp agency, so it is the responsibility of the recruiter to ensure that both the employer and the employee are satisfied.  The recruiter can act as a go between for you and the employer in cases where there may be a problem or to market you as a candidate for a permanent hire.

Lastly, many temporary positions are designed to lead into a permanent position — these are called “temp to perm” positions. If you prove yourself a  valuable employee during the temporary work period, chances are good that you’ll be hired permanently. If there are no permanent positions available following your temporary assignment, keep checking for new openings and ask the employer to keep you in mind when hiring. Their familiarity with your personality and skills can give you a big leg up on everyone else in the résumé pool

Make sure you do your research to find the temporary agency that meets your needs.  You are important enough to have the right person working hard for you.  Good luck!