Get Ready to Take the Next Step in Your Career Journey


If you’re looking for a job or working to build your career and you aren’t a member of GoodProspects®, now is a great time to start.

Since 1902, Goodwill® has been committed to delivering career services to people like you looking to find a job and advance their

Using feedback from users, a generous investment and pro-bono support from Accenture, and the hard work of Goodwill staff, we are pleased to announce that a new GoodProspects, built with the wants and needs of job seekers and career advancers in mind, will launch in late We consider GoodProspects to be a digital extension of that mission, providing a virtual community where you can build job readiness skills, explore career paths and make valuable connections with peers and mentors.

In addition to a refreshed look and streamlined navigation, the new GoodProspects will include:

  • The Career Navigator, an interactive checklist through a series of learning objectives and activities on the journey to long-term career and financial stability. As you complete tasks, you can earn digital badges and observe your progress via a dynamic graphic “tracker.”
  • Virtual career mentors, professionals volunteering their expertise to guide and assist you toward the goal of a fulfilling, stable career.
  • A comprehensive digital library of articles, videos and infographics spanning 11 industries and 18 skills-building topics.
  • Industry-centered discussion boards where you can ask questions and share resources related to career paths that interest you.
  • An events listing of on-the-ground career fairs and workshops hosted at local Goodwills throughout the United States and Canada, and virtual events like webinars and Google Hangouts, all to help you build on your learning with GoodProspects.

The new website will launch in late July, but this is a great time to get started with GoodProspects—in addition to being notified of the launch, you’ll be kept in the loop about developments, and you’ll be able to get a jump start in using the Career Navigator and other career-building features.

If you have questions about the new site at any time, please email