Great Resume Resources – and Top Five Resume Mistakes

By Randy Wooden, Director, Professional Center by Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

Writing an effective resume can be challenging. There are great resources to help you communicate your capabilities and experience.

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Here are five common mistakes you should try to avoid.

#1 Typos and grammatical errors In addition to using spellcheck, try reading your resume from right to left, beginning with the last line on the page; this will force you to pause with each word. Consider having a friend proofread the resume.

#2 Lack of customization Customize and personalize your resume each time you apply for a job to help show why you are the best fit for the position. Use key words on your resume which also appear in the job description and qualifications.

#3 Leaving off accomplishments Avoid listing job duties on your resume and waiting for the interview to discuss your accomplishments. You may risk not getting the interview without achievements on your resume. You might be doing similar work or have similar qualifications as other applicants; accomplishments help you stand out.

#4 Information overload You do not have to list every job or hobby; some entry-level positions from years past could clutter the resume. In most cases, limit your resume to two pages.

#5 Outdated terms and phrases Avoid resume fillers such as, “Salary is Negotiable” and “References Available Upon Request.” Instead of calling your opening an “Objective,” try labeling it summary, profile or qualifications.