Job Satisfaction Starts with Assessing Your Skills

We all want to be happy in our job; A full-time job will usually take up at least half of our waking hours, so making that time personally fulfilling while also financially rewarding is important.

If you’re ready to begin your career journey—maybe you’re almost finished with a high school or college program, or you’ve been working and are looking to advance or change fields—it’s helpful to know what your best fit really is.

Fortunately, there are a number of free tools available to help you compare the skills you have, or are interested in developing, with specific career fields and occupations.

Free Tools Online

In-person Assessments

  • Your local Goodwill agency will include assessment in its services in addition to other job placement and career support.
  • If you’re currently enrolled, even in high school or a GED program, the institution should have a career counseling office that can help you match your strengths with career options, including further training and education that will lead to additional credentials.


While many career assessment tools are self-driven at their root, you can also deliberately drive the process yourself and make your own determinations about the findings. Here are two articles on GoodProspects about self-assessment. It will be beneficial, though, to discuss the results and what they could lead to with a virtual career mentor or Goodwill career guidance professional.