Launching in Pandemic: Tips for Graduates Entering Careers

Class of 2020 grads are wrapping up their studies virtually and may be getting diplomas via mail rather than crossing a stage to cheers. With a pandemic and economic crash, it is a tough time for all involved. On the bright side, you’ll have your degree, and soon it’ll be time to launch your career.

Don’t wait. Get focused and get busy.
  1. Build your résumé. Find work in person or virtually; companies are hiring. Make yourself stand out.
  2. Broaden your appeal. Earn additional certifications to demonstrate your competencies — from project management to digital marketing to coding. Get training that will give you the edge in your target field (or fields — expand your horizons!).
  3. Be adaptable. The future belongs to the agile; keep learning, networking and adding value in the workplace and by volunteering.
Check Out These Resources to Get Started
  • Indeed + Goodwill – Indeed and Goodwill® are working together to help you build an online résumé, easily apply to jobs and get found by employers.
  • Indeed Career Guide – Indeed is continuously updating job listings and working directly with employers around the world to fill open positions. Check out their advice, resources and community conversations to address the impact of COVID-19 in the workplace.
  • Coursera – Use online learning to earn certifications while you are job searching. Coursera offers Python Certificate scholarships and Google IT Support Professional Certificate scholarships.
  • Career Resources – Goodwill has compiled a wealth of information that will help you learn about different jobs and how they may fit your career preferences. You will also find career interest assessments to match your skills and interests to the career path or job that best fits you.