Now Hiring: Three Industries That Have Jobs Available

By Carolyn Becker, Senior Manager of Communications and Community Engagement, Goodwill of Greater Washington

We can’t even begin to list the different sectors of the workforce that have been impacted by COVID-19. Plus, you’ve already heard about them all over the news, millions of times. Nearly every area of focus has been touched in some way shape or form — many of which we’re still trying to fathom. Hospitality is forever changed. The restaurant industry is making unpredicted shifts. Our face-to-face interactions have now become mask-to-mask. But amidst this workplace upheaval, some industries have not been impacted during the pandemic. In fact, some have even grown.

If you’re looking for a new job or a change in your career path, here are some opportunities that seem to be pandemic-proof. Judging by their abilities to withstand this current economic depression, it’s likely that these positions could always be unaffected by economic trauma.

1.) Technical Support:  Let’s get technical! Because we are living in a virtual world, the need for all types of on-demand tech support is growing at a rapid pace. According to Forbes, “ recently announced it is hiring for an unlimited number of remote support agent roles. These positions will help fill the demand for technical and call center support. If you enjoy customer service, working with technology and problem solving, these roles are great for you.”

2.) Various Positions at Goodwill: While Goodwill donation center and retail operations have been altered due to COVID-19 safety measures, thrift is still in high demand. Society is not only becoming more aware of its eco-footprint, families facing our current economic depression need inexpensive, quality goods. Therefore, Goodwill stores are  hiring for a variety of management and frontline, essential positions. Explore our current job openings across DC, MD and VA:

3.) Banking: This industry is one that has adapted particularly well within this virtual landscape. Financial services have been forced to explore and offer new off-site capabilities that still also require bank representatives and customer service representatives to assist with sensitive financial customer needs. Forbes also notes that many banking jobs have not been lost during COVID-19 and that, “Because it’s more of a white-collar profession, employees likely already have laptops available for remote work, said Andy McDaniel, client experience leader at Crowe.”

Although we’ve listed three industries that are still hiring during COVID-19, manufacturing and supply chain management also present opportunities at all skill levels. If you’re looking for more information on other COVID-19 safe career paths in addition to the ones listed, we recommend exploring these articles:

When seeking any type of new job, it’s important to remember that this time is excellent for learning new skills and broadening one’s horizons. There’s no shame in taking any type of job like the ones listed. Who knows! You might uncover a new passion.

This post originally appeared in the Goodwill of Greater Washington Working Capital blog.