Three Cues From Your Employer That It’s Time to Look for Another Job

It’s inevitable.  Sooner or later you’ll start looking for a new job.

We have many reasons we might want to change jobs.  But what are some signals from our employer that THEY are ready to move on from us?  Today I’ll share three cues (and a bonus cue) from your employer that you’d better start looking.

#1.  You were bypassed for promotion for the XXX time.  Assuming you’re fully qualified and you’ve made your interest in that specific opening known to those involved in the interview process, the writing on the wall says you’re stuck right where you are.

Ask for feedback on why you weren’t selected.  If your interviewing skills are poor, get help.  If it’s something else, and that something else is reasonably obtained, go get it.  Maybe it’s some additional certification over and above the job’s minimum requirements.  Worst case, that extra training or certification should make you more marketable when you look outside your employer.

Some people are perfectly content to stay in the same job for a very long time.  If that’s not you, then continually getting bypassed for promotion should be your cue to move on.

#2.  Your boss becomes nitpicky and confrontational.  You continue to do your job like you always have.  But now your boss is finding fault with things that never seemed to be an issue in the past.  It seems you can’t do anything right.  You may even be accused of things you didn’t do.  Your boss writes you up, setting in motion the documentation process for your ultimate firing.

There could be any number of reasons why your boss has turned on you.  But do the reasons really matter when just thinking of work and your boss raises your blood pressure and anxiety levels?  The old saying is true – we don’t quit our job – we quit our boss.

#3.  You’re out of the loop.  Remember when you were included on important projects?  When management asked for – and valued – your opinion?  Been a while, eh?

Exclusion and isolation should be indicators you’re no longer considered a key player in your department.  This doesn’t necessarily mean they want you gone, but it aligns with cue #1 above.  You’re stuck in that job.  Question becomes… what will you do about it?

Bonus cue!

True story about my situation back in the early 1990’s.  I’d been working the afternoon drive on-air shift at a 50,000 watt FM station in Ohio.  I was also actively trying to leave radio for another industry.

One day my employer discovered I was looking.  A few days later I actually read the job posting for my position!  I went to my program manager and, yep, he said he hoped I’d find a new job before they could hire someone.  I had a wife and two young sons to support.  Ugh…

Looking back, I transitioned to a job as an executive recruiter, which set in motion a chain of events leading me to where I am today.  Now, some 25+ years later, I’m in a role I love… able to still use my communication skills… but also in position to help and inspire others to reach their goals.  Change can be tough.  Change can also be amazing.  Embrace it.  Good luck!