Three Social Media Sites to Use for Networking and Job Searching

Traditionally, searching for a job meant face-to-face networking, going through classified ads in print publications, and attending job fairs. Today, using social media to network and find job opportunities can give you a big advantage over individuals who are only using print and in-person approaches to landing a job.

Each social network has its particular advantages, but there are three sites that deserve special consideration from job seekers.


If you’re only going to use one digital network during your job search, make it LinkedIn. Billed as the world’s largest professional network, the site integrates digital résumé, networking and job search functionalities all in one place.

Signing up for an account gives you access to professional resources, connections with colleagues and a direct line to businesses looking for people to fill employment or volunteer opportunities. You can also sign up for groups in your interest area and search for companies by name, keywords or industry.

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Growing numbers of people are using Twitter  to post and find job opportunities, as well as make valuable connections to professionals in their field.

Companies are using it to gain quick and direct access to candidates through both regular and sponsored tweets (which act like job ads). Job seekers like you can search for job openings (try the hashtags #job and #jobs), follow companies where you’re interested in working, tweet hiring managers a link to your résumé, and more.

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While most people think of Facebook as strictly for fun, it can be a great networking resource when used strategically.

The site’s interest lists allow you to quickly subscribe to updates from experts and organizations in your employment interest area. Subscribing to these lists can also help you stay up to date on the latest happenings in your field, as well as let you know about job openings at relevant organizations.

You should also “like” the pages of the companies where you’re interested in working and follow the public streams of experts and leaders in your field. Not only will you stay informed on the latest news and events surrounding the organization, but you can also start to interact with them by liking and commenting on their posts.

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