Three Things to Bring to an Interview

By Randy Wooden, Director, Professional Center by Goodwill Industries of Northwest North Carolina

Interviews are your chance to demonstrate you are the best candidate for an employer’s opening. Being prepared for the interview is essential. Be sure to bring:

Resume and References Even if you completed an application, bring several hard copies of both your resume and reference contact information. It’s possible the interviewer may not have your resume in hand for the conversation. If the interview goes well, it is possible the interviewer will want you to speak with others. You will look prepared by giving everyone your resume.

Pen and Notepad Use your notepad to jot down key questions you would like to ask and make notes of what the employer says.

Your Personality You would not be in the interview unless the employer sensed you could be a good fit for the job. If other candidates can also do the job, why hire you? Your personality can be an edge: be enthusiastic with a positive attitude, ask relevant questions, and demonstrate that you want the job. Connect with the interviewer to show you want the job.