Goodwill® Celebrates National Voter Registration Day

Goodwill Industries International joins with the broader nonprofit community to recognize and participate in National Voter Registration Day (NVRD). NVRD is the day recognized to help our fellow citizens prepare to engage in the political process, specifically by helping them register to vote.

Thanks to the collective efforts of partners and other participants in 2017, over 124,000 voters registered or updated their registration on National Voter Registration Day. Since the holiday first began in 2012, over 1.6 million voters have registered to vote on this day.

As a service based nonprofits Goodwill recognizes one of the best way we can continue to serve our communities is by helping them be active participants in the political process.

“But I’m already registered to vote!”

Have you moved since the last election? Have you changed your last name? Did you just turn 18 or will you turn 18 by Election Day? Are you a newly naturalized citizen? Have you not voted in a while? In all of these cases, you may need to register or update your voter registration before you can cast a vote this November!

This upcoming election Americans will vote for all 435 members of the House of Representatives, 35 seats in the 100-member Senate, and 36 out of 50 state governorships, along with many state and local offices will all be on the ballot. Voting is that important!

As a citizen this is the perfect day for you to get involved. By making sure that you’re registered to vote (as well as your family and friends) or that you’re registration is up to date, you’ve taken the first step at being an active citizen.

Looking for ways to get involved this NVRD?

For those eligible, voting is a privilege and civic responsibility!